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    Same Rank For Multiple dimension But Only One gets displayed


      Hi All,


      I am trying to calculate top customers for distinct count of sub category for every month (I am using Bubbles for each customer across each month).

      I have set Rank_dense=Top 8 .

      For March 2017, I only see 6 . This is because multiple customers have same Distinct count in the month. Even If I am using Rank_Dense , I get only one customer for each rank.


      for March 2017, Rank 1 should be for Denny Blanton, Lena Cacioppo and Stephanie Ulpright because they all have count of 6 sub categories. But When I am displaying this as Bubble/circle, only Denny gets rank 1 and Christine  gets rank 2.


      how do i show all three customers as Rank 1 for March 2017 and other rank similarly ?