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    Consistent Resizing of Dashboard Objects under Automatic Size Setting

    Henry  Shum



      I was previously arranging the objects in my dashboard under the Desktop Browser (1000x800) Fixed Size setting while floating all of the objects. However I was notified by a website developer that I should use the Automatic Size setting because the dashboards need to work with a responsive site.


      When I changed the dashboard size setting from fixed size to automatic, the objects jumped to different locations. Even after shifting them back to their original locations under the Fixed Size setting, the objects would jump around when I try to display it on my own laptop (which has another resolution) or a coworker's computer (which has another resolution). Also, sometimes the title would be partially cut off on the computers with smaller resolutions. Moreover, the display on mobile devices is completely messed up. I've previously tried placing the floating objects into floating horizontal containers but it has not solved the problem.


      I have also tried adding a mobile layout using the floating containers. While that seems to have resolved most of the mobile display problem, it created another problem. For some reason, when I view it on another co-workers desktop computer, the mobile layout instead of the default layout is displayed instead.


      Without using tiled objects, is there a way to allow the dashboard objects to resize in a way that is consistent with the screen size without the display becoming disorganized?


      As I was told by my supervisor not to publish the workbook with the finalized data, below is the dummy data containing the dashboards.