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    Subscriptions for Live Connections

    Daniel Lawrence

      Hello all,


         I have 2018.1 Server on a cloud instance with a few different types of data sources:

      • Generic ODBC connection with extracts refreshed on a schedule (credentials embedded)
      • Static Excel file housed on the cloud instance that is manually updated (Live Connection)
      • JSON file housed on the cloud instance that is automatically updated outside of Tableau (Live Connection)
      • Tableau Extracts that come out of Tableau Prep locally then manually placed on server (Live Connection)


      I have followed all the directions for setting up subscriptions but currently the only workbook that I have a subscription icon and can thus subscribe for subscriptions is one workbook that has ONLY the ODBC connection as a data source.  I have another workbook that has the same ODBC connection as a data source but a second data source is the Excel sheet.  Clearly the problem lies with the Live Connections not allowing subscriptions.

      As noted here:


      subscriptions description.PNG


      To my knowledge, none of my data sources besides the ODBC connection require credentials of any kind.  Where can I verify this and/or what can I do to convince Tableau that my data sources require no credentials at all?


      Thank you for any and all insights!

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          Ritesh Bisht

          You can subscribe a Live connection , we do have lots of live connections to which we have subscribed


          You just need to have embedded database credentials and it should  work with live connections as well


          • The view uses a live database connection: Views with live database connections, where you’re prompted for your database credentials when you first click the view, aren't available for subscription. A subscription includes a view (or workbook), data, and a schedule. To deliver the data required for the view, Tableau Server either needs embedded database credentials or data that doesn't require credentials. Where live database connections are concerned, Tableau Server doesn't have the credentials, only the individual users do. This is why you can only subscribe to views that either don’t require credentials or have them embedded.


          Not sure about your criteria.Would you like to raise a support case here. ?

          Support Case | Tableau Software




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            Daniel Lawrence

            Really weird but when I came yesterday, subscriptions were now available for live connections.  I guess I performed what ever steps needed to be done to enable them but there was a lag or required a restart of the server for them to take effect.  Thanks for contributing Ritesh!

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              Ritesh Bisht

              Hi Daniel,


              Would you like to close this thread by hitting CORRECT ANSWER button ?


              Glad that your issue is solved now