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    Visualizing Survey Data (I use Turnkey Surveyor which has a Tableau Web Connector)

    Elliot Goldfarb

      I'm specifically hoping someone has experience using the turnkey surveyor web connector, but either way I think this is a simple question for anyone with experience putting survey data into Tableau.


      Lets say for example that you've asked someone which type of sunglasses they own. The options are Warby Parker, Ray Bands, and Oakleys where the respondents can choose as many options as they want.


      Right now the data is coming into Tableau where each option is an individual question so for example:


      1. Which type of sunglasses do you own (Warby Parker)

      2. Which type of sunglasses do you own (Ray Bands)

      3. Which type of sunglasses do you own (Oakleys)


      So I'm currently struggling with visualizing how many total times each option was picked. One issue appears to be that the data comes out with a "-" for the options that aren't chosen, and another appears to be that I can't grasp to how to handle that the main question is broken down into an individual question for each response option.


      I've attached some demo survey data for reference.