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    LogShark v3.0.1 and Tableau Desktop/Server v10.1

    Kevin Doherty

      Hello all, I downloaded LogShark v3.0.1 and we able to generate the Workbooks/Extracts in my Output folder. However, they are all coming in as Hyper Extracts and I am unable to open them with Desktop v10.1.


      Should I install an earlier version of LogShark that is compatible with Tableau 10.1.. if so would anyone know what the version is? Or is there a Config setting in LogShark 3.0.1 to have it output the applicable Tableau version?


      Appreciate any insights!

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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Kevin,


          I'm thinking a setting to toggle for *.tdes versus *.hyper extracts might not be included.  Though then there could still be two options:


          (1)  As you mentioned, you could install a slightly older version of Logshark.   More than likely v2.1 would get you back to *.tde files.

          (2)  Other option is you could do a side-by-side installation of Tableau Desktop.   Because the version number is included in the directory path during installation, you can run two different versions of Tableau Desktop side by side and they won't share any components.  So if you installed Tableau Desktop 10.5. or higher that would recognize hyper extracts.

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            Kevin Doherty

            Thanks Mark.. I actually went ahead and downloaded 2.1 and was able to get it set up with our Tableau 10.1 version. I appreciate the response!