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    Tableau Calculations

    Sandeep Verma

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm facing a challenges on tableau calculations please see the scenario below:


      Data Table:



      I need a output like



      Where MOM & 3-Month Average are calculations

      User should have a filter option to select the Department (Call/Sales) and Mode (Int/Ext).

      And user may also select weather they want to see the 3month average or 6month, 9month or any month.

      Grant Total not required. Shinichiro Murakami

      Please help me to achieve this. Excel dump is attached.

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          Rob Palmer

          I'd be interested to know if you can do this in one table. Personally I don't think it is possible. The only way I've been able to output something that looks exactly like your requirements is by using multiple tables and stitching them together in a dashboard.


          Do you have a reason that it has to be a table output? Personally I would use three line graphs to calculate this. It would be:


          1. showing the total sales by date with mode on the colour line

          2. second graph with the same layout as above but rather than total sales I'd have a moving difference on the previous month

          3. The final would be a moving average which I'd get the code using Tableau's default calculations and then add a parameter to allow the user to change the offset that's being considered


          It would give you the same analysis, but might unearth further insight into what's driving the change. Ultimately, the best viz to use would depend on the questions the user is trying to answer with this report

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            Sandeep Verma

            Hi Rob,


            Thanks for your time.


            I need this in data table its our requirement. However we dont need to show

            the grand total.


            Even if you could do this in mulptile table and combined all in dashboard

            pls let me know


            On Fri, Oct 26, 2018, 8:38 PM Rob Palmer <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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              Shinichiro Murakami

              Hi Sandep,


              To do this in one workbook, you need to duplicate data.



              final outcome.










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                Ankit Bansal



                I have created 3 sheets each for table, MOM, average. You can put them together on dashboard.

                Attaching the worksheet.




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                  Sandeep Verma

                  Hello Shin,


                  Thank you very much for your answer.


                  There are 2 more challenges:


                  Challenge 1: When I move the parameter values it also change the data in table as well.


                  Challenge 2: as this data table have two different types of values (% and Int)

                  For this I have added a one more column "Data Type" and created two calc field


                  If ATTR[Data Type]="Int" then [Value Combined] end



                  If ATTR[Data Type]="Percentage" then [Value Combined] end


                  Then I dragged these two fields and removed the value combined. But it's not showing values or all the month and MOM & Avg as well.


                  Desired Output:




                  Have attached the updated data model.




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                    Shinichiro Murakami

                    See attached.





                    If this helped, please mark my answer as correct / helped not from inbox, but from original post.




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