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    Auto-Select Multi-Select Quick Filter Values based on Single Dropdown Quick Filter Selection Above It - Possible?

    Andrew Goldman

      Let's say I'm the owner of a pizza shop and would like to know what types of pizzas my customers are ordering --


      If I had two filters as follows:


      1) Customer Name: (single select)

      --John Doe

      --Jane Doe

      --Josh Doe

      --Jennifer Doe


      2) Most Common Pizza Types They've Ordered (multi select)





      ---Meat Lover's


      I'm trying to get Tableau to work such that if I click on John Doe, it auto-checks Pepperoni in the second filter since John's ordered more Pepperoni than anything else, but I still want to see Hawaiian, Mushroom, Veggie, and Meat Lover's because he may have ordered those too, but right now I'm focusing on reporting only his sales/quantity over time as it relates to his Pepperoni Order.  That said, if I wanted to see sales/quantity over time as it relates to his Pepperoni and Meat Lover's orders, I would just check Meat Lover's after the fact and not worry about having to check Pepperoni again because Tableau would've already known John Doe's most common pizza order was Pepperoni and auto-selected that for me


      tl;dr -- I'm not looking to select Only Relevant Values, because I truly do want to see all possible values, I just want the multi-select based dropdown to default check the most common pizza a selected customer has ordered, but would still like the option to check others later so while I'm looking at their most common stats now, I might be curious to know the secondary and tertiary data later which I would manually select


      Many thanks in advance!