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    Limit number of records in each rank

    Ajay M


      I am new to tableau and I have a unique requirement that I am trying to solve. Suppose I have list of students and their marks, can I limit the number of records in each rank when I rank them by marks, Eg, suppose 8 students scored 95 and 5 scored 94 and If I use the rank command then 8 students will have rank 1 and 5 students have rank as 2. I have a limitation that not more than 6 students should be in a single rank. So my expected output is 6 students will have rank 1 and remaining 2 will have rank 2 followed by 5 students in rank 3. There no criteria to choose which six students will be in rank 1 and which 2 will be in rank 2; i.e. it can simply be the order in which the calculations are done. Is there a way to achieve this using any function in tableau?


      Thanks for the help,.