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    Display Report with both Actuals and Forecast(1month Actuals+11Months Fcst)

    Sirisha P



      We have a scenario column which contains both Actuals and Forecasts(EG:2019JulyForecast,2019AugustForecast etc).so For 2019JulyForecast data starts from July 2019 and for 2019AugustForecast data starts from August.So we need to display a report depends on Forecast Scenario We select


      if we select 2019JulyForecast - Report should display 2019 July Actuals and 11 months of Forecast data starting August(From Aug 2019 to 2020June)

      If we select 2019AugustForecast - Report should display 2019 August Actuals and 11 months of Forecast data starting September(From Sept 2019 to 2020Jul).


      Can someone Please help us how to achieve thsi.