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    How to get calculated customers segments

    Pavel Sayenko

      Hey there! Just started working with Tableau and 'suddenly' faced with some trouble.

      There is a customer ID's and amount of daily profit fileds. So, I need to categorize all the customers by their total profit like this:


      ID, Amount, Seg

      A, 100, 'seg1'

      B, 200, seg2'

      C, 300, 'seg1'



      There is no problem to calculate "Seg" filed. But it will works only with "ID" filed, wich make me a bit confused, cuz it is a huge data in real case and main idea using category is getting all the customers by a few rows.

      So, how can I get something like this:



      'seg1', 400

      'seg2', 200


      Thanks for any help