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    Noob Question: WDC on Tableau server

    Randall Reed

      So I have some experience with Desktop Tableau (though I'm a linux user, so I have to borrow a machine to use it), but recently I installed the server for linux on my machine (2019.1). I'm trying to link to some data on the data.world server. But, after whitelisting the WDC for data.world, it does not appear in the Data Connector window. My reading of the forums leads me to believe this is expected behavior. There is still no way to connect to an external datasource from tableau server. Any data has to first be published from a copy of desktop tableau. Is this correct or have I misunderstood?

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          Hello Randall,


          I would check this section of the Tableau GitHub for information on refreshing WDC connections on Tableau Server.


          • You need to ensure that your web data connector is added to the safe list. Because a WDC contains JavaScript and typically connects to other sites, you need to work with the Tableau Server administrator to test and verify the connector is safe to use.
          • If your web data connector requires authentication, you need to embed the credentials when you publish the data source or workbook. This is because the refresh can occur on a schedule or in some other background context, and the server cannot prompt for credentials.
          • For security, consider using HTTPS protocol for the connector and all external libraries that your web data connector uses.


          Information source: Use a WDC in Tableau Server


          More information can be found here: Web Data Connectors in Tableau Server - Tableau


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Vanessa Harmon

            Hi Randall,


            Regarding the specifics of your question, whitelisting a WDC connector will not result in that connection type appearing in the list data source connection types. Whitelisting the address means that, when you've published a workbook or data source using that WDC connection, Tableau Server will allow the traffic to/from that web data source so you can refresh the extract. You will still need to create the connection in Tableau Desktop and publish it to Tableau Server in order to have that data source available to users as a published data source- once it's published, users can then connect to the published extract if they have the permissions on Tableau Server to do so.


            Additionally, there are some data sources which may be connected to directly from Tableau Server via Web Authoring, but WDC data sources are not included in the list of supported connection types for Web Authoring. I would recommend checking to see if there is an existing Idea for this functionality that you can vote on, or otherwise to create an idea here.

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