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    Trying to filter blended dual axis data.

    Edward Ma



      Newbie here.


      I can't upload my file unfortunately as it's actual company data.


      What I am trying to do is to filter both axis in a dual axis chart.

      First axis is units sold from "orders" data.

      Second axis is a calculated field (units / sessions) called "conversion %" from "viewership" data.


      These two data sets are blended.  Relationship established are "date", "part #" and "manufacturer".


      I've created parameter and calculated field for the "manufacturer" dimension, so I could filter the units axis by manufacturer.


      In my other dual axis sheets, I could use a single filter to filter for both axis, but each of these axis are dimensions.  However, in this sheet, one of the axis is a measure.  And, Tableau doesn't seem to let me create a parameter for measure. 


      What do I need to do to be able to filter both axis in a blended data set while one axis is a dimension and the other axis is a measure?