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    How to synch vertical axis for different charts from different data sources?

    Jose Salazar

      Hi Community


      I have a dashboard with two line charts built from a different data sources (see attached figured),


      Comparing a specific "sku" ("material", "part number", all synonyms...), the first one shows a timeline of consumption (from previous months), and the second one displays a timeline of requirement (current and future months).


      What I'm trying to do is, without success, level the vertical axis (quantity values) in order to ease the visualization for the users.


      One thing I did, looking at some else's discussion, was to compare the min and max value of quantity, and use them to create a "dummy" reference area.


      The comparison and selection formulas are:


      IF Window_Min/Max (Quantity from Datasource 1) <= Window_Min/Max (Quantity from Datasource 2)

           THEN Window_Min/Max (Quantity from Datasource 1)


           Window_Min/Max (Quantity from Datasource 2)



      Creating measures, that don´t show up on the list of posible Min/Mas values list on the reference band options.


      Any thoughts?