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    Filter help

    Jared Byrd

      New to Tableau, and I'm trying to filter our employees that are flagged by a dimension called Description(Note Type). The issue is that this field has multiple descriptions in use. Case in point, I have an employee that has a Description(Note Type) = Employee and a  Description(Note Type) = ENOTES when I filter for Employee, the record still shows in the data sheet because he has the other Description(Note Type) = ENOTES present. However I can't filter out ENOTES because other records would be filtered out that need to be on my report. Help. I need a way to not show the record on the report if Description(Note Type) = Employee is present.

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          Michel Caissie



          You can compute a boolean   isEmployee  which will return true if the employee have at least one row with the Description = Employee


          {FIXED [yourEmployeeDimension]:  MAX(if [Description] = 'Employee' then 1 else 0 end)} = 1


          So for every row  , if the description is 'Employee'  then flag a 1,  then for each employee, if the MAX of this flag for all the rows of this employee equals 1, then this employee have at least 1 row with Description=Employee.

          And  this calculation will return True on all rows of this employee, because it is a level of detail calculation {},  group by Employee .


          By putting this calculation on the filter and keeping the  False values, you will filter out every row of this employee including all other  Note Types.



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            Jared Byrd

            Thanks Michel,


            I created the calculated field as you instructed, and added as the filter keeping on the false values, however it still shows the Employee records on the report.

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              Michel Caissie

              Then I will need  a package workbook  (.twbx)  to troubleshoot.

              If the data is sensitive you can mockup  a similar scenario using the  Superstore file that comes with  Tableau.

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                Jared Byrd

                Here is a quick example attached. Suppose Ship Mode was the Employee Flag and since there are several different Ship modes, I want exclude all Customers that have used First class before how would I do that using the information I originally posted.

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                  Michel Caissie

                  like this ?

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                    Jared Byrd

                    Genius! Thanks for your help. I was able to see what I did wrong when I input your original instructions.