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    Percentage of Sum of Category

    Colleen Drazen

      I am brand new to Tableau, watched several videos and am trying to get a grasp on all this tool has to offer. I am working on a problem and have not been able to find an answer in this forum. I have a data set of Names of Salespeople, their Customer's ID numbers, and the $ amount they sold during the month to that particular customer. What I am looking for is what percent of the salesperson's customers did they sell to. I can create a calculated field generate the total number of customers per salesman and totl number of customers sold to per salesman. I've done COUNTD (customer number) to get the Number of Customers per salesman and FLOAT(IF [Total Sold] > 0 Then '1' ELSE '0' END) to get Number of Customers SOLD TO per salesman. I want to get the percent of those two numbers per salesman. So Alice has 44 customers and sold to 7 of them, it should generate 15.9%. How do I create this percentage? I keep getting the percent of TOTAL customers. I am attaching data for help. Thanks in advance.