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    Segmented COUNTD way.

    Nicolas Ibanez

      Hello All!


      I have the following problem.


      I have the Sales Prom by customer , so then i did a segment by sales prom


      IF [Vol.Prom Mensual]>20 THEN "more than 20 Tons Monthly"

      ELSEIF [Vol.Prom Mensual]>10 THEN "Entre 10 y 20 Tons mensuales"

      ELSEIF [Vol.Prom Mensual]>1 THEN "Entre 1 y 10 Tons mensuales"

      ELSEIF [Vol.Prom Mensual]<1 THEN "Menores a 1 Tons mensual"




      this is calculated field that i cant turn to Dimension :


      So i want see a COUNTD by Customer , by my segment file.


      For example:

      buy more than 20 tons: 234 customers
      buy between 10 and 20 tons: 135 customers


      but i get this :


      453 is the total of customers... its agrouping the sales prom, so its bigger than 20 tons...