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    How to Allow Users to Sort by Different Dimensions?

    Chad Clauson

      I'm creating a tab for my data table so if my users want to see the data behind the issues on the first tab, they can. The problem is that it won't let me sort my dimensions.


      I have 8 different columns and a "Blank Text" calculated field for my text so I can hide it.


      Columns are Key #, Sent Dt, Rcvd Dt, Code Type, Code Number, Target System Route, and Code Amount. When clicking on the sort button, nothing happens. Ideally, I'd like my users to be able to sort ascending or descending for each column whether it be alphabetically (Key #, Code Type, Target System Route) or numerically (Code Number, Code Amount) or by date (Sent Dt, Rcvd Dt) by clicking the sort button on each of the labels. I've tried creating a parameter but that doesn't seem to work properly either. Any suggestions?