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    Tableau Server web URL is not responding

    Rk B

      Hi Team,


      My Server web URL is not responding when click it it is just blank page.... but when i checked the status in command prompt its running fine.


      I tried restart the server and windows server as well but still no luck


      I am not sure what is causing this issue.




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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Rk,


          The fact that all the status shows as running is a good sign.   For the most part, is this a *vanilla* installation of Tableau Server?  That is, is there a Load Balancer or SSL involved?


          If not, the tabadmin.log file will show each service trying to grab the port it needs.   By default the Gateway service will try to grab port 80 but if another application has grabbed that port it will normally go to next highest level which I believe is 8000.    Again, the tabadmin.log can confirm which port it grabbed.   If it's not 80, then you'll need to specify the port.  For example, I have Tableau Server running on my laptop so I would go to "http://localhost:8000".    Which that brings up another idea, if there is a load balancer involved, what happens if you login to a node running the Gateway service and then trying to access it via "localhost"?


          Lastly, I've seen where folks install the Tableau Server to a non-default drive (say D: or E: drive).  But then you need to most likely apply permissions.  If you install to the C: drive then the installer will do this for you but if you need to install to any other drive I would doublecheck permissions


          Verify Folder Permissions

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            Rk B

            Hi Mark,


            Thanks for your reply.


            We have configured SSL in our environment and its running fine since long time, but its unexpected thing from tableau side where there is no updates on tableau but yes updates happened on windows.


            It seems after windows updates, system using more CPU and URL is not responding.