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    Extract tuning




      I have created an extract for 12 months data. Because of I am using item level information, extract size is around 7 GB and fetching around 112 millions records.It is taking 180+ mins to refresh.


      We don't want to use incremental extract because our data can change for last one or two months.

      So is there a way to refresh extract only for latest 2 or 3 months not for entire 12 months in full extract?



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          Ciara Brennan

          Hi Rohit

          I wonder if increasing the value for the backgrounder.querylimit parameter would help here...?





          Increase the value for the backgrounder.querylimit parameter.

          1. Open a Command Prompt, and change directories to the Tableau Server\bin directory.For example: cd "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<version>\bin"
          2. Run the following command to stop Tableau Server:tabadmin stop
          3. Run the following additional commands to increase the querylimit parameter, configure Tableau Server with the new setting, and restart Tableau Server with the new configuration:
            • tabadmin set backgrounder.querylimit 9000
            • tabadmin configure
            • tabadmin start
          4. Log in to Tableau Server and attempt to refresh the extract using the Refresh Now option.If the refresh fails with the same error after the 9000 seconds (or 2.5 hours), repeat these steps, setting the querylimit parameter value to 10800.


          The query exceeded the timeout variable set for extract refreshes.