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    Time Series and Axis range


      Dear community,0/


      I have a dataset with different measures per employee over the years. Each customer has a flag 0/1 (1=italian employees, 0=worldwide employees).
      The one's are 30 while the 0's are 150


      I'm bulding a dashboard that compares the employees (0 vs 1) average productivity over the years... I have a problem with the axis range. The blue sample is smaller in number and therefore has a low average productivity compared to orange. In this way, the trend of the blue is not legible (the blue line is not flat, it simply has a lower avg value, around 100K). How can I represent this line graph  in such a way that the two trends are legible?




      The graph will show the annual % difference (compared to the previous year).


      How can I edit the axis?

      Thank you very much for helping