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    Issue in summation of COUNTD variables

    Shubhankar Bhardwaj

      Hello Everyone,


      I am trying to take the distinct count of number of times a certain event occurs over 2 days(20,21). The fields Count## are distinct count variables. When I am viewing over date view I am seeing the correct count. But when I change the view to month(September) I get an error in total. The total count should be 6 but it is coming to 5. On further investigation I found that Count 20 and Count 22 occur on both day so total would be 2 for each. But in month view Count 20 is taken as 2 but Count22 is taken as 1 when it should be 2. Hence the difference of 1 is there.


      The data is client sensitive hence  I cannot share the workbook here. But I am attaching screenshots for reference.


      Thanks in advance


      As you can see Count22 should be 2 but it showing as 1 in month view. Please help.