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    A simple bug?

    jackey lee

      These sample is download from your video tour

      I just add "sheet 8", and you can see the error

      The sum of profit should be "1", but the view show "0"


      Other rows are correct, but just this row is error,I try sorting to move this row to last row,same result(error).



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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Jackey


          This is because of number formatting, it is actually not 0 and 1, it is 0.74 and -0.44.


          Please see below steps to show the actual value for this id.



          Hope this makes sense.



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            jackey lee

            Thank you!!!


            by the way


            I check the original data, these 2 profits is -0.44 and 0.74

            but, if I do not change the Number Format, and export to csv file from the view data dialog,then i will get "0" and "1" in CSV file, and this why I think it is a error(I check data via exported file).


            For Excel,display value will not change the actual value,This is what 『Drill-down』should be.


            Maybe Tableau should "export the actual value", not "display value".