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    Date Range with both month and year parameter.

    Janice Ip

      Hi so i want to select start and end date range with a dropdown menu for year and month since my data are counted on a monthly basis

      The normal Date range formula and parameters could get me either a slide bar or a calender's view that is not that straight forward.

      So I want it set so I had my parameter set like the photo above, I would get Bar for each month from July-2014 to Jan-2017


      Right now I have a [End Date] and [Start Date] Calculation like the following to allow the year and the month parameter to be translated into date.

      [Ship Date Start (Months) Parameter]= (DATEPART('month',[Ship Date])) AND

      [Ship Date Start (Years) Parameter]= (DATEPART('year',[Ship Date]))


      I can get tableau to read the start date


      I use the Date range formula which is

      [Ship Date] <= [End date] AND [Ship Date] >= [Start date]


      I'm think I'm close but I can really figure it out right yet.