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    Number Format Issue with Crosstab Download

    Vasu Valmurthy

      When downloading the data from dashboard as Crosstab, I'm facing issue with number formatting.

      The data is using thousand separator in dashboard and after downloading the data as crosstab the value is not the same.

      For eg: If I've a value "2,450" on dashboard, and this value changes to "245" after downloading as crosstab.

      Do I need to change some settings on Tableau Server to override the formatting? Please suggest

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Vasu,


          Is the issue that the csv being downloaded has data that doesn't match or that it isn't formatted the same?   The values coming down in CSV will be numeric and not contain separators such as commas as that would make the fields strings.   If the data is changing on you then that's a different issue and we would want to see an example.  That would probably require either sharing a workbook here or contacting Tableau Support to work through in detail.


          I hope that helps.