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    Survey: Counting usage of service among different groups

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      I am new to tableau and am stuck on a calculation. Would be very grateful for any help.


      I have deployed a survey to the CEO and staff members of numerous organizations asking if they utilized a certain service (e.g., Question: 58 on survey asks everyone if they used the "fundraising service"). I am trying to find how many organizations have used the service (e.g., if either the staff person, or the CEO, or both, form a given organization answered that they used the fundraising service, then that would tally as one organization that utilized the service. In other words, Tableau wouldnt double count if both a staff person and the CEO from the same organization said they used the Fundraising service - if at least one person said they used it, then it would be counted as used).


      Any ideas on how I would set up the logic for this in calculating a new field?


      Thanks in advance,