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    Actions/Filters Drilling Down into another Measure

    Janet May

      Hi All,


      I am trying to accomplish the following image below:


      If i click on the selected "overall touchpoint concern" i want the respective "diagnostic" to appear in the "touchpoint diagnostic improvement" chart. Each of the points in the pie chart (except for product availability) have their own diagnostics. I have attempted to add an action to the sheet, for it to apply to the chart below - however this is incorrect. It is just filtering on those who may have said checkout but also talked about "inspiration improve".


      I want to get it to a point where if i click on environment, it will populate environment improve in the bar chart, inspiration will be inspiration improve etc. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!


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          Dustin Wyers

          If the concern also exists on the diagnostic data row, you will likely need to change your action filter from All Fields to a Custom Selection.

          By using selected fields you are able to tell the action what field to pass.  In this case  the selected field may be concern.

          This also can work if selecting between two datasources as well. The key to this action working is having something that the action can target from teh source sheet to the target sheet.

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            Janet May

            Hi Dustin,


            Thanks for replying! I have tried to do this as well, but unfortunately it did not work. I tried a bunch of combinations : i.e. putting "select a dimension (hospitality) field as my source and then placing diagnostics (hospitality) on target or vice versa.


            The goal is to try and get the chart to resemble a table somewhat similar to this:

            Where if i select environment -- i will get the environment drill down, and if i select navigation ease, i will get the navigation ease detail.