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    Create a bar chart with percentages and multiple measures

    Erwin Chang



      This may be very simple, but I am not able to create a bar chart with the following characteristics:


      The bar chart that I want to create should look like this:

      -------------------- 90% Facebook

      ---------------- 70% Instagram

      ------- 40% SnapChat


      What I am getting is without percentages, but with count:

      --------------------- 18 Facebook

      ----------------- 14 Instagram

      -------- 8 SnapChat


      Or with all percentages equal to 100%


      The data is formatted as follow:

      SurveyUse Facebook (18 out of 20 use it)Use Instagram (14 out of 20 use it)Use SnapChat (8 out of 20 use it)




      If someone can help me with this, I would highly appreciate.