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    Server integration with Novell eDir

    Dan Ueberfluss

      I’ve tried a few different ways of configuring the LDAP and it looks like there is OpenLDAP support in the documentation, but not eDIr support. I think I would need to adapt the JAVA files to work with eDir. That or a different set of specific eDir instructions.


      A couple of questions..

      1. Has anyone integrated Tableau Server and Novell eDir specifically.
      2. Are there any sample json files for number #1 I could look at?
      3. If not, are there sample json files for a real implementation of LDAP with SSL?


      I have connected from the server in question using LDAPAdmin.exe with my configuration settings (testing eDir server reachability). I updated a json files with my settings (per the documentation making some eDir assumptions/changes). Attempted to import and it is throwing an error that “External Identity Store is unreachable”.