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    Profiled Location Count?

    Derrick Lang

      I have a question. I have 10 locations all open various times depending on fiscal week and the location itself. I am classifying that labor as standard as our model ditactes one person to be there during open hours at all times.


      Sometimes, we have additional help at that location, identified as Extra Labor, which could be a few hours or more. If that labor is there only 20% or less, we don't care. When it creeps to 20% (low), 30% (medium), or 40%+ (high) we expect different results. I am able to use a calculated field to identify them by location, but when I try to aggregate it to say:


      High - 1 Location

      Medium - 3 Locations

      Low - 1 Location

      Little to None - 5 Locations


      I run into the issue. When I drag Location Name (Dimension) to 'Text' While having the Calculated field in the Row, I get the above, but the individual locations are parsed out. When I change it to COUNTD(Location), it only says:


      Low - 10 Locations


      I attached the book. I am not sure what piece I am missing, When I tried making a {FIXED [Location]:[Profile]}  it calculates using all weeks when I add Week to the calculation. Does anyone know where I am messing this up?