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    User experience testing, AKA, performance and massive fails

    Scott Henry

      Am I the only one who has CONSTANT problems with Tableau Prep? Data sets not loading (even for 40 records in Excel) consistently? 'Failed to fetch' errors? Attempting to close the app and 'Don't Save' doesn't shut it down? Performance issues all over the place?


      My co-workers are also having performance issues, can't close the app, can't load data sets consistently. It's just us, right? Using the tool thus far feels completely unpolished and painful. No way to create custom join conditions? I've got to make calc fields first? I would expect something data-preppy like that that's available in desktop to be present in Prep, but alas.


      I really want to know. Because I want to love this tool as much as I love desktop. But I feel like it's massively failing me.