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    Table / table calc formatting help!

    Andrew Wolford

      Hey everyone, I have a bit of a weird one formatting wise - Unfortunately the wireframes/mockups I'm trying to recreate were created in Excel and so I'm left trying to make Tableau look like Excel :\


      So here's a relevant screenshot of what I'm trying to create:

      About the data:

      each row is a Measure and the counts are for the last completed month (Sept in this case).  The % change is a YoY measure (table calc) comparing the measure to it's same month from the year prior.  So Sept 2018 compared to Sept 2017 as a % change.  The boxes at the top are simply dimensions by which the measures are split.


      In the attached workbook (using Superstore as a POC), sheet 3 I can get close to the above but I'm getting messed up on the measures on row or column - I need some measures in column, some in row, and I'm not even sure Tableau can do this (or I need a different approach).  In Tableau I have a 2 measures for each 'measure' (if that makes sense):   A count, and a % change table calc.  I'm hiding the row for 2017 which gives me a clean row of count, and %.


      BUT - I need additional measures as rows - as shown in the screenshot above.  So I need the measures on the row shelf, but I also need the % changed measure on the column shelf, in order to maintain my nice clean 1 'measure' per row look.  When I try to bring in additional measures it all goes pear shaped.




      Getting ugly:

      Potential workarounds are create a table per measure (quantity, sales, etc) and arrange them on a dashboard.  Or - create 1 table with all measures, but no % change measures, and then create individual worksheets for the % change, and float them over the table next to the counts on a dashboard.  Both these would technically work, but would like a cleaner approach if possible!


      Thanks everyone!