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    How do you interact with a map data layer?

    Susan Furushiro

      In my "Demo(graphic) map layer" sheet I would only like to see highlight zip codes where median household is <42,100 and > 72,300.


      Is this possible. My Tableau online research references the use of parameters instead of filers. Grateful for additional help to get my map to show only the zip codes that meet that specific map data layer criteria.

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          Don Wise

          Hi Susan,


          I could be wrong, but because that's a disconnected layer of information in Tableau and because it is simply a viewable layer of data, unless you have that data in your primary set it won't be possible to do a calculation on it. 


          You could possibly grab that data from freely available public or maybe Census data and perform a join on common fields to your data, then a calculation could potentially be done.  Thx, Don