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    Tableau export options

    Navyasree Potluri

      The requirement is to send reports to users without giving them access to Tableau server in any way.


      The initial situation of the project is the following:


      • Number of users that have to receive the Dashboards and Reports: 60
      • Number of tableau server Licenses: 10
      • Number of Tableau Desktop Licenses: 3
      • They also have licenses of SQL Server and SISS.


      We have found two options:

      1.In this case the files are exported using parameters depending on the user profile through Tabcmd commands and subsequently are distributed using external applications to Tableau such as PowerShell or ETL Microsoft SSIS.


      2. In the second option, the sending of emails is managed through subscriptions to Tableau server.


      I would really appreciate if  anyone could suggest which is the better option to go with and why?




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          Soham Wadekar

          Hi Navyasree,


          Have you given a thought to Tableau Reader, its free and requires no access to the Server? Although, its not a sophisticated solution you may give it a try.



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            Hey Navyasree,


            On what ways you want to export tableau, I didn't understand your requirements much in details.


            As per my understanding, you need to report to send out to 60 Users right..?



            Create a Guest User and Assign all users to Guest, so that, users can able to view report. (This is best way)


            Without Tableau server, If users have tableau public installed in the users machine and you cans send .twbx file to open.(this is not correct)


            Please let me knoe if you have any questions.

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              Navyasree Potluri

              Hi Venkatram,


              The user came with a requirement that the reports developed through tableau should be sent to each of 60 users in the form of export.

              Most likely they want the export to be in the form of pdf.


              Is there a way we can achieve that?