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    how to list subcategories with respective numbers in tooltip (not viz in tooltip)?

    linda nie

      I found this in Tableau knowledge base with sample workbook but don't think it helps. For example: when you hover over "Furniture", why only "Tables" with its sales number displayed? How to make all other subcategories under Furniture: Bookcases, Chairs, Furnishings also displayed like Tables with their respective sales numbers so tooltip display like this (not like the last line in tooltip just to list names of subcategories):

      Bookcases: <its own sales number>

      Chairs: <its own sales number>

      Furnishings: <its own sales number>

      Tables: <its own sales number>


      I understand one can make another worksheet with table, then insert into Tooltip with Tableau 10.5 up. But I like to resolve this without viz in tooltip. Is it possible?


      Here's the knowledge base:



      I also attach workbook downloaded from that site.