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    The Stale Content Remover Workbook

    Matt Coles

      Hey y'all. I built a VizAlert against one of my Tableau Server Data Sources that will email everyone who has an item on Tableau Server that hasn't been looked at in 90 days, so that quarterly, you can go through and download and remove them. Check it out and let me know what you think. It's got all kinds of instructions in it so that it should be fairly user-friendly to deploy.


      I'm attaching two versions, one for versions 10.2-10.4, and the other for versions 10.5 and higher, since there are postgreSQL schema differences between the two.


      If you'd like to see this explained, check out the recording from my session from TC18 (skip to about 28:23 for the actual walkthrough).


      Message was edited by: Matt Coles 10/26/2018: Changed 2018.1 version to 10.5, as the 10.2 version could not support 10.5.


      10/31/2018: Updating to add link to session recording from TC18

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          Mederick Bossan

          Thanks Matt,


          We used your old workbook process and jump on this new one !


          1 suggestion: in order to avoid backup/delete content that may popup during the 2 weeks notification period, I would suggest to have 2 filters:


          1) filter on 180 days (or x days) for the notify users worksheet

          2) filter on 195 days (or x days + 15 days)  for the backup and delete content worksheet


          This will just make sure to not backup/delete content that was not notify to the user during the period of the 2 weeks between notification and backup/delete.


          Hope this help,



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            Paramesh Shivanna

            Hi Matt,


            When i download the 10.2-10.5 version and change connection details, am receiving  below error.


            When checked the Data source found the mapping had issues



            After changing the the datasource to seat_licensing_role_id instead of users_licenesing_role_id. i started to work.


            Now its working fine in 10.5 version.

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              Matt Coles

              You are correct, Mederick Bossan, thank you for pointing that out! With our process, we actually grab the initial list of items before sending the email, then add them as filters to the GET/DELETE sheets, so we ensure that we don't delete anything that our users haven't been informed about. But that's missing from the current workbook, so I'll publish a new version that should probably use a single parameter to drive the value for all sheets.

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                Matt Coles

                Thanks for pointing that out Paramesh. I just altered the 2018.1 version to be compatible with 10.5, because you're right, that's when the change was introduced. Nice work figuring it out on your own! I've updated the attachments accordingly along with the original post.