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    Average expenses per directorate per individual

    Kevin Xu

      Hello, I'm very new to Tableau


      I have a data set of expenses that contains a field for directorate (about 10 different directorates) , a field for individual ID (about 4000+ different IDs) and an expenses cost.


      I want to find the average expenses per directorate per individual. That's to say, I don't want to show the individuals because there are so many of them. I only want the average expenses of the directorate, but with the average calculated on the number of employees from that directorate, as opposed to the number of expense entries of that directorate.


      What I've tried: I put Directorate in column and average expenses in row, but this only gave me the average expenses per directorate


      Each entry is one instance of an expenses, so I'm thinking what I need is to calculate the total expenses of each employee ID given their directorate is fixed. Then calculate the average expenses per directorate per individual.


      I'm looking for some help into how I might do this.