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    CLV Calculation, revenue of first and second Purchase

    Kay Rohde

      Hey guys,


      im trying to calculate the CLV (customer lifetime value) and for that, its important to know

           1. when was the first, second, ... Purchase of a customer and also

           2. the revenue of the first, second, ... Purchase


      This is the data i have to calculate:



      For 1.

           first order:


           second order:



      But now i do not know how to get the revenue of the first and second purchase of customer 1 for example.



      Now Tableau shows me the sum of all revenues per customer, if i turn the Measure into a dimension i get 3 Values but i only want the exact revenue of the first and second order.


      I hope i described my problem understandable, if not just ask me please. I also attached my workbook.