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    Error: value 'density-kernel-size' not in enumeration




      I get an error message when I try to open a workbook I downloaded from tableau online which has a live connection to a published datasource.

      Error: value 'density-kernel-size' not in enumeration (id: [path])

      2018-10-24 09_31_13-Tableau_error.png


      I could open said downloaded workbook last week (and create new diagrams), so not sure what went wrong this time.

      The error occurs both when I try to open the workbook from last week and when I download the original file again and try top open it.

      I can however open a downloaded workbook (from same online site) which is connected to an excel sheet.


      The error occurs immediately, the workbook doesn't open at.


      Can anyone help me retrieve my file?

      I'd hate losing the work of one day


      Thanks in advance.