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    Tableau Embedding Issue with IE 11

    Kevin Baumer

      Hello everybody,


      I currently have an issue with an embedded dashboard on my webpage.

      It is working fine with all browsers, but the login with Tableau-Server is not possible by using IE 11.


      1.) When accessing the Dashboard, it is asking me to sign in to Tableau-Server:



      2.) When I click on the sign-in button a new window opens. After some time, the following message appears: "The Webpage is trying to close the window"...


      3.) It doesn't matter, if you click 'Yes' or 'No' - the login sceen is still there.


      After clicking on sign in the message appears again and I am not able to sign in.


      Did anybody also experience that issue and can help me with that?


      Thanks a lot.


      Best regards