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    Date Granularity Issue (per 4 weeks)


      Hi guys!


      I have a date granularity that shows weekly, bi-weekly and monthly (per 4 weeks) *excluding this week (Wk43, 22 - 28Oct).

      Weekly and Bi-weekly works perfectly, but the monthly one (per 4 weeks) is always including this week (Wk43) and it doesn't want to adjust per 4 weeks.


      So instead of the last one (Wk 42 until Wk 43), I want to be grouped like (Wk27 until Wk30), (Wk31 until Wk34), (Wk35 until Wk38), (Wk39 until Wk42) and when every week appears it will be adjusted (so the next week will be (Wk40 until Wk43))


      I hope you guys can help me!

      Thanks in advance (attached the workbook)