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    Filling the Gap in the Sankey Diagram

    Adil Jamal

      Hey Community,


      I'd build a Sankey Diagram for Fuel Consumption vs Industry Sector recently. But I'm unable to fill the gaps (white spaces) surrounding the extreme end of the two axes (Fuels on the left & Industry on the right).

      I cross checked the numbers. Both the axes have an equal sum. Also. the size of Sankey is set to the max end of the 'Size' slider present under 'Marks'. Same filters are used entirely to remove undesired data. So there occurrence in any axes is also zero.

      Please, help me out how to correct it.

      I've attached the screenshot of my Sankey Diagram and marked the empty area that needs to be filled with Red colour.

      Also, the workbook is also attached. It has 4 sheets. First two for the extreme axes (fuel and industry), third is the Sankey and fourth is the dashboard that includes all the previous 3 sheets.