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    Making Changes To Extracts Whilst Retaining Original

    Greg Chamberlain



      I am currently trying to build a variety of reports for our sales team where the basic layout/template in Tableau Desktop (2018.1.5) as will the input data fields.  The only difference between each report will be the content (data) of the input data, not the field names or formats.


      My assumption is that the best way to achieve this is to build the Master report and save an extract, then save the Master report under another name and make changes to the extract such that it is now one of the regional reports required.  Unfortunately, this seems to change the extract for both of the reports simultaneously.  Is it possible to make changes to the data source extract in one workbook and then save the extract under a different name?  This would avoid the need to build multiple, almost identical, dashboards from scratch.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.