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    Overlay of 2 Geographical Locations

    Michael Kaminski

      Can anyone help me to overlay two zip code maps. I want to overlay the zip codes of my consumers, with the zip codes of my support managers.  This will help me identify how far away the support manager lives, and has to drive, to visit their assigned customers. I'd like to have the customer zip codes represented by the dots (or the symbols map) while the manager's zip code is shown on the same map, but uses the zip code shapes.  This should also allow me to see what areas of the state would be best for hiring new managers.  For simplicity sake, I am thinking of just putting all names and zips together on one excel sheet, and separating people out by name and color of their "Job Description" which I will make either "Consumer" or "Support Manager".  Does anyone have any ideas on what I could, or should, do?