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    URL Action Link doesn't work if one of the values is Null

    Adrian Slade

      I have had a quick search & cannot find an answer to this. Which I thought is strange.


      I have one workbook that is just the stats of a dataset & another workbook that provides the details. I want to make it so that the user reviewing the stats clicks on a value & is taken to the workbook with the details for that particular stat. There are 3 fields that I am passing in the URL & it all works perfectly if there is a value in all 3 fields. However if one of the fields is Null (which is a valid value) then none of the values are passed via the URL & I get the database worth of results from the details workbook.


      This solution: Is it possible to pass a null value to a filter via the URL?  works to pass a Null as I have manually typed the URL & included that solution & it tested fine. However the problem is that the field isn't always Null. I need the URL to enter the value when the value exists or use this ~~null~ trick when it doesn't.


      My URL Action looks like:

      http://our_site/views/SO_Detail/ServiceOrdersDetail?Sub%20Type%20Val=<Sub Type Val>&So%20Sub%20Type%20Val%20Long=<So Sub Type Val Long>&Deen%20Rsn=<Deen Reason>


      This is an example of the output URL with values in all 3 fields & the result it provides is filtered correctly as expected:



      However if any of the fields are Null this is the output URL & the result dataset is not filtered:



      I manually tested this & it works as expected providing a correctly filtered result:



      Thank you in advance for any & all assistance.