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    Create "Parameter" using another "Parameter"

    Mayank Bhatia

      Hi Team,


      I want to create a radio button "Group Name" that should have values as "Group 1" or "Group 2". Based on the group selection, I want to create a cascaded parameter drop-down ("Group Values") that should show only those values based of the group selection made from radio button. I am sharing a mapping below between Group Name and Group Values (note that "Cars" is present in both groups 1 and 2).


      Group name and group values are not part of my data (if it would have then "only relevant values" option could have helped me). In my case, I'm creating radio button and cascaded drop-down as parameters by adding hard-coded values.


      Group NameGroup Values
      Group 1Cars
      Group 1Bikes
      Group 2Trucks
      Group 2Cars
      Group 2Airplanes


      Here is my solution that's partially working:-

      1. Create a parameter "Group Name" having values as "Group 1" and "Group 2".

      2. Create a parameter "Group 1" having values as "Cars" and "Bikes".

      3. Create a parameter "Group 2" having values as "Trucks", "Cars" and "Airplanes".

      4. Create a calculated field "Group Values Field":-

           If [Group Name] = "Group 1" then [Group 1]

           elseif [Group Name] = "Group 2" then [Group 2] end

      5. Create a parameter "Group Values" using field "Group Values Field" that was created in step 4, or just show filter the "Group Values Field"

      6. In the final dashboard, just show "Group Name" radio button and "Group Values" drop-down (or just show "Group Values Field" as filter).


      Problem with my solution is "Group Values" parameter works fine as cascaded but it just lists only one value from the list. For e.g:- if Group 1 is selected from radio button then in the cascaded drop-down I just see "Cars" as an option. Or if I select Group 2 then cascaded drop-down shows only "Trucks" as an option. But I want user to see the entire list based on the radio button selection.


      Please let me know if i'm missing on something or  if there is a trick to solve this problem.