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    Tableau automatically removing certain data points

    Ian Tkach

      I'm working on the class reunion project that I mentioned in another thread, and I came across a really strange issue:


      One of the visualizations I'm trying to do is a color-coded map of how many alums are in each city, ZIP code region, etc.  When I look at the maps, I notice that the one city/region which is setting the maximum number of records on the color scale (Minneapolis) is somehow absent.  However, I've double and triple-checked the data (both by clicking on "Data Source" in the lower left, and by right clicking the original worksheet's name in the upper left to "View Data"), and all the Minneapolis alums are still showing up.  It even appears as an option when I drag "City" into the Filters pane.  I know this probably sounds crazy, but Tableau seems to be getting rid of these records automatically in the process of pulling the data from the original fields into the visualization.


      To make things even stranger, when I save my work to Tableau Public (link below, appropriate worksheets are in the "Heat Map by City/ZIP" tabs), the circle representing Saint Paul also disappears:




      Has anybody else ever run into this problem before?  Is there anything I can do to fix it?


      (Attached is the original Excel data.  Don't worry about the "PRIVATE" label - that's just an indication to my office that I'm working on two versions of this, one for internal sharing at the college with data like donation/recent engagement info, and another that we will share with the alums themselves which will not have those extra fields.)

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          Don Wise

          Hi Ian,

          Sometimes the data is aggregated up in the view.  Please see attached 2018.2 workbook.  If you can't open it (if you're only on Tableau Public) let me know and I'll upload it to my Tableau Public site, where you can then download it.  Below are the screenshots that I'm getting if I use your data as is:


          There are some locations not found as a match between your data and Tableau's geobase; however, not so much of an issue as they're mostly international locations and your concern is with Minneapolis, MN.

          Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 1.41.38 PM.png


          This is probably the view that you're seeing:

          Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 1.50.21 PM.png

          By going to Analysis, then unchecking Aggregate Measures, you should then see all of the data points:

          Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 1.45.46 PM.png


          If this answers your question, please mark this response as correct and/or helpful if only helpful.  Thx! Don

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            Ian Tkach

            Hi Don,


            Thank you for your prompt response.  I am indeed on Tableau Public; if you could upload the workbook to your profile, that would be great.


            I tried unchecking Aggregate Measures in the Analysis menu, but unfortunately, that doesn't seem to help - the points on the map for Minneapolis are still missing, and the ones for Saint Paul disappear when I save it to Tableau Public.  Additionally, this somewhat defeats the purpose of the project, as I need the "SUM(Number of Records)" measure in order to color-code the map based on where alums are concentrated.


            One thing I forgot to mention in my original post: on the "Heat Map by ZIP" tab, I do get some of the correct regions when I filter the data to just include records for which the city is Minneapolis... but only some of them, and the "cut-off" for which ones are or aren't included seems to be arbitrary.

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              Don Wise

              Hi Ian,

              It is now published up at this location: Tableau Public Hope it helps! Thx, Don