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    How to show calculated Latitude / Longitude in Tableau?

    Rafael Benavent

      Forgive me if this has been asked before but I've done a lot of research and couldn't find a way to do this.


      My data looks like this:


           Person ID | Departure Station Lat | Departure Station Long | Arrival Station Lat | Arrival Station Long


      What I would like to do is plot all the coordinates, both departure and arrival, on the map and have a filter to show either Arrivals, Departures, or both aggregated (Arrival & Departures combined into one)


      What I tried:

      - Dragging and dropping both longs in columns and both lats in rows

      - Creating 2 new parameters (Station Lat & Station Long) that accept a list of values set from Departure Lat & Arrival Lat and Departure Long & Arrival Long respectively. I then created a calculated field from those parameters and set the geographical to lat / long for each parameter and dragged Station Long in column and Station Lat in rows. The problem: it only shows a single point on the map, which I'm guessing is the average of all the values from the parameter


      Thank you in advance.