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    Calculate average profit margin % for previous 3 months?

    Tu Duong

      Yesterday I posted a question asking to calculate average monthly sales in the last 3 months, where I had a solution from Zhouyi Zhang  (see: https://community.tableau.com/message/835974#835974).


      Now I am struggling again to find a way to show the average monthly gross margin % for the previous 3 months in a clean way. It is more complicated because monthly gross margin % is an aggregated number, and my Tableau knowledge is limited.


      This is the data that I have (Superstore data).

      I want to show the average of profit margin % of Jun, Jul, Aug in the September column. This is what I wish to show:



      Could you let me know if it is possible?


      Please find attached the sample workbook using Superstore data.



      Thank you!Zhouyi Zhang