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    New to Tableau - Looking For Practice Tests/Data Sets

    Matthew Rappleyea

      Hello All!


      I am new to Tableau, and will be implementing it for the company I work for, so I need to begin learning how to use it in depth. We will either be using Tableau Desktop or Server once we really begin using it, but for now, I just want to gain experience creating dashboards.


      I'm wondering if there are any test data sets with questions/test that I could use to begin practicing? Eventually, I'd like to attend some seminars or purchase online courses, but I feel like I need better experience with Tableau first.


      I've watched most of the videos and followed along with the data, but I'm ready for something new to expand my learning.


      I searched the forums and didn't find anything that didn't appear to be blackhat SEO garbage...


      Any tips or resources would be great.