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    Merging 3 data sets based on date but date fields are labelled diffenretly

    Valdis Tomsons



      I am trying to do a synchronized access using three pieces of data all connected by date. The date is isolated to staff activity within a given week. Two of my sources use the "created time field" but the third (Opportunities) uses a field called "modified date".


      Is there any way I can see all three points of data on the same graph? The worksheet is called 10-5-1 which is trying to show

      - 10 outgoing case messages (created date)

      - 5 cases (created date)

      - 1 opportunity with a stage of "proposal sent" (modified date)


      I have attached my packaged workbook if you have any suggestions on how to best display the data. I am trying to isolate one staff person at a time but would like to change filters to show the other staff as well.